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men's beret
men's beret
men's beret
Vrai Basque beret £ Splendid beret £
plus VAT on shipments to EU countries
the 'Vrai Basque' is made in the basque area of france from 100% merino wool, felted to make it strongly water resistant, and comes with a satin lining - ideal for everyday use the ‘Splendid’ is made from the finest quality merino wool, and is felted for a longer period to create about 25% additional weight and density - a very smart hat for the head man
dog wearing beret

dense, water-resistant pure wool felt mens berets with headband - our basque berets are quality products, designed to last and become faithful friends.


We sell our quality hand-made men's basque beret in black and in midnight blue, in sizes 55 to 61. All sizes are normally in stock.

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